SETCO manufactures 3 styles of precision dovetail slides: M Series and DS Series, and TS Series. Dovetail slides are a cost-effective slide solution for many light to medium-duty applications; such as assembly, test, gage, motion control, and machine applications. Dovetail slides feature cast iron construction. They are ruggedly built and available in a wide variety of popular sizes and styles. Check out the modeling for the M series and DS series below.


There are 5 sizes of M Series slides; 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10" sizes.These sizes are available in standard single-axis, compound and vertical angle plate configurations.

Slide Modeling for M Slide


There are 23 models of Express DS Series slides. These slides are standard catalog slides and available in Basic (no feed mechanism) and Hand Wheel configurations.

Standard Features

  • Pre-engineered Base and Saddle Lengths
  • Precision Ground Top, Bottom and Way Bearing Surfaces
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Base and Saddle
  • Ways Wipers
  • Deep "Z" Oil Grooves
  • Manual Lubrication Ports
  • Steel Adjustment Gib
  • Saddle Locks
  • Gib Adjustment Screws
  • Base Mounting Holes
  • Drive Mounting Holes
  • Product Lifting Holes
  • Product Service and Parts Manual

Slide Modeling for DS Express Slide


DS Select is the customizable version of DS series. 3D models are available, please contact Setco engineering for support. Click here to fill out a Request for Slide 3D Model form.